Although market trends have shifted our resources towards design in the past few years, contracting has always constituted the bulk of our business. Through its history, R&C has taken on challenging projects that bear greater risks then other services (Design, CM, Owner’s Rep, Program Management).

Our track record has proven that creating properties of enduring value is only achievable by building the highest quality product for our clients for the best value and within schedule. We take projects from concept to completion as a single source for our clients’ construction requirements, thereby streamlining human and material resources and maximizing efficiencies.

Our broad construction experience and versatile knowledge gained when completing high-end projects are the result of a finely honed approach, a process that has been refined and bettered for 25 years. Today, we are confident when taking on complex project, from understanding its challenges, rolling up our sleeves and finding solutions for our clients, to getting the job done on time and within budget.



As a GC, R&C drives value when managing the bidding process and project execution. We therefore rely on our strong relationships based on years of successful partnerships when taking on new projects. Our experience and knowledge of market conditions are key factors when deciding which subcontractor is most appropriate for the job. Our subcontractors’ bids are reviewed based on accuracy and thoroughness, and our decision is made after assessing their qualifications, financial viability and ability to perform on other projects.

To ensure client satisfaction, it is our duty and responsibility to put significant emphasis on planning in early stages. By complying with project drawings and specifications, we can fully cover the scope of work, mitigate risks and minimize change orders.

We make recommendations and provide alternatives to our clients when possible and if appropriate, and assume responsibility for the performance of our subcontractors.



With client satisfaction as the keystone of our completed products, we believe that being involved from the start allows projects to start off on their best footing. This approach allows us to be extremely responsive to client needs.

While we are equipped to offer a comprehensive range of CM services, we can package our solutions to meet the specific needs of each and every client. Our strength in the design process shines during the pre-construction phase as we strategically collaborate with our partners, thereby minimizing risks for our clients and helping them control project costs and expedite schedules. We believe that teaming up with all the involved parties not only facilitates conflict resolution, but also encourages problem solving. By getting everyone involved, a duct supplier for example might suggest a less costly, easier way to install, mechanical solution that engineers may have not thought about, all to the client’s benefit. Early implementation encourages timely decisions, can decrease overall time in planning and design and anticipate schedule requirements.

Early involvement allows us to establish controls, develop schedules and define budgets, while continuous management and value engineering provide optimum project output. Through effective planning and continuity in our work, we constantly raise the quality of our construction management services and keep our client satisfied.



Our team at R&C has the combined knowledge, experience and capability to guide our clients from design to closeout. Our company culture inspires transparency in all aspects of the service, as we want our client to breath and live their project with us. We involve them from the earliest stage of design through the selection of finishes. We give them access to project documents, and discuss aesthetics, schedules and costs before making design and construction decisions.

We offer our services at a fee or for an agreed lump sum / GMP. Regardless of the delivery method, clients can benefit from our market knowledge, technical expertise, management skills and site supervision services.

As your project moves from paper to execution, our staff transitions into the project. Since we develop all the drawings, there is a much higher level of coordination and understanding of what needs to be done on the ground. Our collaborative culture allows for seamless execution.