Since our firm’s inception, our culture encourages collaboration in order to share knowledge, research alternative options, and create solutions to challenges put forth by the built environment. Research & Contracting creates inspired design experiences that evoke a distinct sense of place.

Though research and analysis are essential, it is by working closely with our clients that we can truly understand their needs and aspirations, and how their activities energize the spaces we design. From a robust exchange of ideas, we create innovative design solutions to address both functional and technical challenges. This is the foundation of our creative process, the spark of imagination that ignites inspired findings and shapes properties of enduring value. Our creativity is then translated into design plans, execution drawings and high quality perspectives. The result is an optimal, sustainable and beautiful environment.

For over three decades, our design professionals have been guided by R&C’s philosophy of creating a sense of place by adding value, raising standards and achieving client satisfaction. Today, we pride ourselves in our portfolio, which is the result of sensitive responses to our clients’ unique identities, expectations and architectural taste.


Depending on the client’s needs, our design services can be packaged into a design à la Carte that best responds to the client’s needs. The advantages of having it all done under one roof are obvious: improved coordination, reduction of mistakes on site, reduction of change orders, completion of works on schedule and within the assigned budget. R&C offers a full comprehensive set of drawings, comprising of the following services:

–       Data collection, inception and planning brief phase:

    • Statement of requirements
    • Planning and building regulations
    • Topographical plans
    • Surveys (Visual, Geotechnical, Infrastructure)

–       Conceptual design

–       Schematic design

–       Building Permits

–       Design Development

–       Modeling

–       Construction Drawings and Documents:

    • Plans and Details (Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Interior Design)
    • Contract documents, Technical specifications and Bills of Quantities

–       Tender Drawings

–       As-Built Drawings


We draw our style from modern contemporary design, while classic Lebanese influences continue to set the tone. We thereby create spaces by emphasizing on warmth, identity, comfort and elegant sophistication. Through market research and active attendance at international exhibitions, we remain keenly attuned to the pulse of changing industry trends governed by today’s sophisticated designers. Our presence in the MENA region, wealth of experience and extensive knowledge allows us to identify new design trends and put them into practice ahead of other design companies. This allows our design team to consistently set new standards for luxury, comfort and innovation in design.


R&C approaches the design process in a fully integrative manner with the Architect, Engineers, Construction Manager and Program/Project Manager. We use “integrative” rather than “integrated” as we perceive the design process to be continuous, that most be reviewed and improved as the project goes on. By utilizing an integrative design process, we continuously reach the challenging goals set fourth by our different projects.