Our firm prides itself on its broad experience and extensive portfolio of diverse and high quality projects, ranging from pre-construction planning and risk analysis, to feasibility and construction services, from design to project close-out and certificate of occupancy.

In 1989, Zahi E. Abou Mansour founded Research & Contracting S.A.R.L. (R&C) based on the core values of integrity, trust, quality, and commitment. He communicated his vision to the firm by putting an emphasis on nurturing relationships with suppliers and clients and on training his staff to exceed clients’ needs. We believe that our service capabilities are only as valuable as the quality of the relationships that animate them. This is why our culture encourages frequent and face-to-face interaction between clients and our team at every level.

Our projects include public infrastructure, warehouses, industrial, commercial and residential buildings, private villas and palaces, hotels and educational institutions. While a number of them are large in scale, our operations retain the intimacy of a family-based business and the principles of a large organization.

Our company culture shines through the details of each project at any given stage. With a dedicated team assigned to the life cycle of each project, clients always have a depth of in-house resources that they can rely on throughout the duration of the project.

Over the years, we have offered real value to our clients and together built relationships on trust. Today, our satisfied clients’ repeated assignments represent approximately 75% of our annual work.