We have broken our management services into the following categories:


At R&C, we believe that the innermost details must be addressed long before construction begins on site. This is why having a construction manager on board and a culture that encourages collaboration are crucial from the very start of the project. We provide important input in the planning phase, and help our clients make necessary decisions about the project’s design intent, schedule (CPM), budget, material (take-offs and detailed unit costing analysis) and project organization. A strong plan will set the tone for the entire project. Let us help you create and build your property right from the start so it could be of enduring value.


R&C was founded on the core values of integrity, trust and commitment. Since the firm’s inception, and irrespective of market conditions, these three promises have defined our vision, drove our operations, and created long-lasting relationships with owners, builders, clients, and community partners. As a property development company in Lebanon with a quarter century of experience, we take great pride in the positive relationships we have built with our partners.

Development projects undertaken by R&C encompass land acquisition, feasibility study and design, construction, marketing and sale. Additionally, our consultancy services can include one or a package of the aforementioned services.

We work hard to consistently raise our standards of excellence so that our developments exceed expectations. Today, several of our shareholders have made our product their home; we perceive this as a great endorsement and mark of confidence.


R&C can serve as an extension of the owner’s staff, as we represent our client’s best interests during the entire project, from conceptual drawings to completion. Our design and construction staff, amongst other disciplines, can provide comprehensive input, including consultancy (material and equipment procurement, market trends, interior design), schedules, budgets and project strategy.

The suite of services we offer is the fruit of 25 years of experience. We take great pride in being our client’s voice, as our proven track record was built on increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and mitigating risks for our clients.

While we can assist our clients as an independent consulting service developed on a holistic approach to design and execution, we can also take on more responsibility by integrating our design and construction services into the project.


R&C benchmarks its industry knowledge and relationships to bring an added value to its clients’ projects. This means acting as a design and/or construction expert to offer packaged solutions, such as pre-construction, project accounting and budgeting, overseeing the team and coordinating its activities, creating and maintaining project schedules and managing the bidding process.

Through our experience, we can help our client tackle the relative complexity of the project and its unique factors, advise on different delivery methods and the risks associated with each one (CM, GC, Design/Build etc.) and anticipate necessary decisions.

In order to meet established goals, we start with the development of comprehensive guidelines for an efficient design and/or construction program. Regardless of the time at which we join a project team, we focus on aligning our system with all the parties involved in order to achieve maximum collaboration, project success and client satisfaction.