Over the past two decades, Research & Contracting S.A.R.L. (R&C) has become a preeminent full-service construction and architecture services provider in the Middle East and North Africa. Founded by Zahi E. Abou Mansour, R&C delivers a broad range of services in construction, architecture, engineering, interior design, research and real estate development.

Using our comprehensive in-house talent, we offer a complete scope of services ranging from feasibility analysis to design constructability review, from interior renovation to out of the ground construction, and from aesthetic enhancements to building infrastructure upgrades and modernization.

Our finely honed approach is based on a core group of services that we tailor to each project. This gives us the flexibility to best meet our clients’ specific needs and objectives by packaging our services into the delivery method that is optimal to meet project goals, schedule and budget. These services can be procured à la carte, allowing us to focus our attention and expertise on one, or a few, select services to supplement and/or support your in-house facilities staff, and to perform each job with focus and dedication.